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Swanson Technical Services also provides  professional computer repair services. 

Clean your cell phone regularly.

Use dry tissue paper or alcohol wipes to clean the cell phone's exterior surfaces. Do not use water, baby wipes or other cleaners that may inadvertently add moisture to your phone.

iPod Repair

iPhone repair

iPad Repair

Cell Phone repair

Swanson's Technical Services

906 3rd St S

Weyburn, Saskatchewan

S4H 3J8


cell phone, IPhonE & Home computer REPAIR

+1 306 861 3452

Recharge your cell phone on a regular schedule.

Some phones will last a week on one charge, while others may need to be charged daily or every other day depending on usage. Recharge your phone when the battery level is at 15% for extended battery life.

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computer repair

We repair all cell phones and smart phones including iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung and android. Broken displays and keypads are the most common repairs but we also repairs the ports, antenna, the speakers, the microphones and cracked screens and anything else you may encounter.

Cell phone tips

  • Buttons and keys
  • Battery Replacement
  • Camera repair, replacement, removal
  • Antenna Replacement
  • Case, Shell, Housing Replacement
  • Headphone Jack Repair / Replacement
  • LCD, Digitizer
  •  Ringer, Earpiece, Speaker Repair
  • Microphone Repair
  • USB, Wi-Fi, Repair / Replacement 
  • Computer Repair


Same day service, some repairs done

in as little as 20 minutes!  

​​Cellphone cases & screen protectors

available for purchase

Providing affordable and professional:

Cell phone repair and  IPhone repair services in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and surrounding area.